Welcome to FAB Monday! 

How is your Monday?

How does your work community feel? 

If Monday feels awesome or it’s like any other day of the week, congratulations!

But if it doesn’t or if you feel that you want:

  • to take your business to the next level, and need to change your thinking and develop new skills
  • to improve performance and well-being of your employees
  • to develop psychological safety in your organization
  • to improve communication and coaching skills
  • to have fabulous Mondays again!

You do not need to tackle these challenges alone. FAB Monday’s mission is to make working life better, so that Monday becomes as good day as others. FAB Monday provides coaching services to support you and your business in change situations:

Tailored group coaching sessions and workshops

FAB Monday offers tailored group coaching sessions and workshops for organizations on the following topics:

  • Coaching leadership style
  • Self-leadership – how do I work and recover?
  • Successful team
  • Competence development

Group coaching sessions are always tailored based on customer needs.

Individual coaching sessions 

Individual coaching will help you identify and attain your biggest goals. FAB Monday’s customers experience significant breakthroughs that lead them to challenge their thinking, resulting in remarkable changes in their careers and the quality of life. Individual coaching is personalized to your unique situation and needs.

About the founder of FAB Monday 

Elvira Vainio (Master of Science, Economics and Business Administration, LCF Life Coach)

  • I am an enabler of change and inspiring coach who brings clarity, empathy as well as emotional intelligence in the middle of difficult situations.
  • I am empowering force that helps clients to make a progress, to see the possibilities and overcome difficulties. 
  • People find it easy to work with me. I am empathetic and accept people for who they are.
  • I am founder of FAB Monday, helping individuals and businesses to renew and have better Mondays.
  • I have over 20 years of experience in organizational development and change management in the roles of management consultant and HRD Manager.






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